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Remodeling Services

I am interested in remodeling my kitchen/bathroom/ basement, do you provide design services?

We are the construction part of your project. If it is a small or relatively straight-forward project, we can sit down and talk about what you would like to do and how much it would cost. If you need plans or to see your ideas in 3D, you need to contact an architect. For large remodels or additions, clients usually come to us with an architect’s plans. We then look at your plans and give you an estimate for the construction. There are many different pricing options available; labor only, labor and materials, etc. We also have preferred architects and designers we can recommend. Please give us a call to discuss your construction plans.

What can I expect to do while a remodeling project is being done at my house?

The most important thing you can do is ASK QUESTIONS. If there is something that doesn’t look right, or you think you ordered one thing, and something else is being installed, ASK!! We want to know if things are not right immediately. There are no dumb questions, remember, IT'S YOUR MONEY. As careful as we are, there will be dust and dirt in your house. There will be times when we will have to leave and come back. If possible, give us a key or a garage code. It will make your life easier to schedule. If you are remodeling a kitchen, eat out a lot. Most kitchen projects take 4-6 weeks. If you are remodeling a bathroom, and it is your only bathroom, we may be able to make arrangements to have the toilet reset each day it is pulled or it may be necessary for you to spend the night at family or friends.

How long can I expect my remodeling project to take?

That depends on a number of factors. A small job can be done in a day. A large remodel can take several weeks.

We would like to put a new bathroom in our basement, will you do this also?

We can frame in a new bathroom in a basement but the plumbing needs to be done by a licensed plumber. You can use our preferred plumber or you can hire one on your own.

I hear that big handyman stores like Home Depot and Lowe's are now remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. Should I just hire them?

Simply put, if you hire the big handyman stores all you are doing is paying the middleman extra money. Home Depot or Lowe's calls remodelers like us and asks us for a price. They then tack on their profit percentage. Had you come directly to us you could have saved yourself the big handyman store's extra profit. Also should you ever have a problem with your remodel, who do you call? The middleman store or the remodeler? That usually presents a dilemma as now the homeowner is the middleman.

I want to add extra bedrooms in my basement. Do I need windows?

Absolutely. Although fire codes vary from locale to locale, the rule is that the windows should be wide enough for a person to gain access to the outside. They must also be a minimum height from the floor. Plan on a window that is large enough for a fireman to get in through carrying breathing apparatus, and you will be in good shape.

There is a large steel beam in my basement. Can I remove it?

You certainly can, but you should give this a great deal of consideration. These beams are extremely heavy, and because they are in the basement, can only be removed by man power and jacks. A hole will need to be made in an exterior wall to remove it, and there certainly isn't a crane to help! Remember, this beam maintains the levelness of your home, and keeps it from sagging. To remove it is a gigantic task, and it still has to be replaced with support that is efficient enough to maintain structural integrity. Only an engineer can figure that out for you. Consider instead turning the beam into a soffit by boxing in with drywall or similar material.

My basement seems damp. What should I do before I remodel?

Before you begin any basement remodel, you must deal with moisture. First, check for proper drainage around the exterior of the home. A proper installation has drains installed at footing level, sloped between 1 and 2 inches per 10 feet, to direct water away from the house. If these are not present in an existing home, prepare them before beginning the remodel. After the trenches are dug, apply waterproof membranes to the foundation wall as you backfill the trench. On interior walls, coat with a sealant to control moisture. Always be sure to keep a dehumidifier running in your basement at all times.

What paint manufacturer do you use and do you have samples?

We recommend Benjamin Moore Paints but will use any paint of your choosing. And yes, we have samples we can provide you.